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Seven Important Tips To Consider When Searching For The Best SEO Company In Melbourne

Many moons ago, before Altavista and Dogpile succumbed to Google, search engine optimisation (S.E.O) used to be as a simple and easy like taking candy from a baby. All it took for your website to be on ranked highest on search engine results was merely repeating a keyword over and over again.

However, those good old days are long gone, and internet search engines have changed and evolved to become much smarter and sophisticated. In a market where the lifeblood of a brand is its virtual visibility, SEO is an established quintessential requisite in every business marketing strategy.

Partnering with the best SEO company Melbourne means you are utilising a wealth of creative expertise to conceptualise and implement a tailored SEO strategy that creates, establishes and maintains your digital brand.

The substantial growth of SEO services in Melbourne has, unfortunately, brought with it unscrupulous agencies offering the moon and stars in what they can deliver but fail to provide any sustainable change. Thus, these “bad apples in the bunch” have made it challenging in weeding out empty promises to find a trustworthy SEO consultant in Melbourne.

There is no denying that running an SEO campaign is a complex process and should be best left to the experts who have mastered it to ensure a successful outcome. Before letting you in on the secrets of how to find the best SEO company in Melbourne, here is a brief explanation of what SEO is.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a process of optimising your website’s online content to ensure it appears in a prominent position within the search results of specific search topics of queries, referred to as keywords.

Google and other search engines are continually updating their search algorithms so that relevant and high-quality website content is rewarded. Sites crammed with poor quality links, content and crammed with irrelevant keywords in an attempt to ‘trick search engines are punished.

Many businesses, both big and small, are opting to use the services of an SEO agency in Melbourne to improve their online presence. The process of SEO is one littered with intricate complexities, and it is the same when looking for the best SEO company in Melbourne.

We have compiled a list of useful tips to consider when searching for an SEO agency in Melbourne;

  1. Avoid Any One Who Speaks Of SEO In An Abstract Manner

As mentioned earlier, SEO is a continuous process of optimising your website content to drive organic traffic. It is not as simple as driving down a straight stretch of road, hence it is often misunderstood.

If you come across an SEO agency in Melbourne claiming to have an exclusive insight into Google’s algorithms or maintain a mystique façade around SEO, they are lying. Instead, the best SEO services in Melbourne needs substantial attention to detail, a deep understanding of how search engines work and endless modifications as Google’s algorithms change just about weekly.

  1. Identify Your Needs

Before making a list of the best SEO company in Melbourne to partner with, it is advisable to know why you need SEO services in Melbourne. Identifying your SEO needs ensures you effectively determine the crucial factors that will assist you in making the perfect decision.

If your website does is not driving any traffic, now would be the optimal moment to search for a professional SEO agency in Melbourne. Using an expert SEO consultant in Melbourne, they will optimise the design of your website to improve its presence on the internet that will help in getting new customers.

  1. Be Specific About Your Goals

The worst mistake you can make for is hiring an SEO agency in Melbourne that only give you a vague goal of increasing your website’s organic traffic. There is a variety of organic traffic, and only ‘increasing organic traffic’ does not lead to an automatic increase in your revenue.

It would help if you precisely outlined what you are hoping to achieve with your SEO campaign to avoid any ambiguity.

  1. Check Your Budget and Their Fees

One of the vital things to take into consideration, before looking into how much an SEO agency in Melbourne will charge you, is how much you can afford. It will be better to have a figure in mind, as fees charged by agencies vary, and look for a reliable SEO consultant in Melbourne who will work on your budget.

An agency may require you to pay fees per webpage or project, in an hourly rate or demand a set amount that covers their work for the month. Others will opt for charging a percentage of the revenue you will earn as a result of their work.

SEO is a continuous process; you will need to ask the SEO agency you have chosen in Melbourne their costs for maintaining your website once all the significant changes have been implemented.

  1. Do Not Choose An Agency From A Gooogle Search

It will be great to Google “the best SEO company in Melbourne” and choose one from the list of ten agencies that come up, but it is not recommended. The best agencies are neck deep in work, optimising their client’s websites to bother about their website.

A reputable and reliable agency will possess a host of long-term clients that have referred members of their professional circle to their services. If you come across an agency bothering to rank for the best “SEO agency in Melbourne”, it means they need new clients, and it applies, also, to keywords such as “best SEO services” and “best SEO tools.”

Thus the best way to find a qualified SEO agency in Melbourne is through the old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Ask people in your business circles, not your competitors, whom they would recommend. It will be helpful to also ask for a recommendation from other businesses within your industry, as the agency they will recommend will have expertise in your field.

  1. Choose An Agency With Metrics That Work For You

One of the most critical overlooked aspects when searching for an SEO agency in Melbourne is finding one who has a precise method of projecting your progress. Therefore, it is vital that you and your SEO consultant in Melbourne are on the same page in terms of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

KPIs are metrics applicable to any facet of a business, and within SEO, it can mean a lot of different things. Thus, you will need to hire an SEO agency in Melbourne that knows which metrics are essential to your business and can condense the gathered information in a manner that you can easily digest.

  1. Choose An Agency That Communicates Effectively

You ought to have access to the tools used by the SEO agency you have chosen in Melbourne to measure your KIPs, but it is most likely you will not have time to analyse all that data. As such, you need to an SEO consultant in Melbourne that works for you in terms of fostering trust and communication.

Bear in mind you might work with this agency for years to come as SEO is an on-going process. Achieving your organic website traffic goals takes a lot of time, patience and a constructive working relationship.

As the best SEO company in Melbourne, we have the expertise to craft your digital brand using modern tailored SEO technique to ensure the sustainable virtual visibility of your business. Get in touch with Melbourne Media Consulting today.

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5 Reasons Why You Might Need A Laptop Stand

Confessions of a Non-Profit IT Director - July 20, 2019 - 6:35am

Changing lifestyles and increasing work-loads have created a need to remain available all the time. Due to the portability factor, laptops have emerged as the most preferable device to work and remain in touch. 

Unlike old PCs, placing the laptop on a desk doesn’t meet the ideal posture requirements set by the health experts; this invariably leads to the development of neck/back straining and other spine-related issues over the time. With the help of Laptop Desk Stand Amazon though, you could easily avoid these problems. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get a Laptop stand at the earliest.

Ergonomic Design: 

Doctors recommend that when you are working on your computer, the screen should be exactly at the eye level and your shoulders must not droop- Unfortunately, with a laptop, both these criteria remain unfulfilled and hence, your posture gets compromised.

A portable laptop desk stand is designed in such a manner that while working, your shoulders remain straight and the screen is placed at the eye level- As a consequence, long and strenuous working hours do not impact your health negatively.

Increased Productivity: 

Working on a laptop without using the proper stand tires you in no time- This happens because of the eye-straining and shoulder pains. However, as soon as you start using a Laptop Desk Stand Amazon, you can work for hours uninterrupted which eventually spikes your productivity level.

Travel Companion: 

You always carry your laptop with you so that you can function from anywhere. Portable Laptop Stand for Travel are foldable and hence, can be easily packed and carried along

Cooling Mechanism: 

Laptop getting overheated while working continuously for a longer duration is not an uncommon problem. This can slow down the functionality of the device and can impact your work. To counter this problem, many Laptop stands come with an integrated cooling pad which does not allow the laptop to heat up in first place.

Easy Set-up and Storage: 

If you think that the process of setting up a laptop stand will be an additional task in your already grueling schedule then let us assure you, it is not! All you need to do is securely set your laptop over the Stand and you are good to go.

Also, since these are portable, they are hardly going to need much space to store.

So without wasting any time further, get yourself a stylish laptop stand now and work for a longer duration without compromising your health and productivity.

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Things to Do To Improve the User Experience and Thereby Sales From A Woocommerce Website

Confessions of a Non-Profit IT Director - July 19, 2019 - 2:56am

Woocommerce is the perfect solution for an eCommerce website in order to achieve effective management. Here you will find a step by step method to attract customers to buy a product. Let’s see how we can improve the user’s experience as well as increase sales:

  • Deal Corner
  • The website can have a tab that has the whole list of products with the deals they have on that particular day. This will lure customers into doing some shopping. 
  • Here the customer will find a product that they need to buy.
  • Videos
  • Similar to now, where we have images of the products, we can have videos that show the function and importance of that product. This needs some investment as well as time, but it will eventually prove to be a great option for the website. 
  • Here they will get attracted to the product by seeing its video.
  • Make them Hurry
  • By showing tags like, ‘Only 2 left in stock’, ‘sale ends in 10 mins’, etc., can be a good method to increase the sales.
  • This sense of urgency will create a momentousness for the customer to buy the product. 
  • Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin
  • The Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin will help the website to keep a discount on the products in a very efficient and effortless way.
  • Of course, these discounts will help the customer get tempted to buy the product.
  • Woocommerce Product Addons Plugin
  • These will enable the customer to customize their product as well as help them at the time of checkout.
  • Woocommerce Product Addons plugin will make the ‘customer experience’ much better in helping them choose the delivery location, delivery type, etc. 
  • Payment Options
  • More the amount of payment methods, the better are the completion rate of monetary transactions. As the number of customers increases, the tendency of people searching for more options for payment would increase.
  • Related Products
  • Do show related products on the checkout page, like if a customer buys a guitar, show the guitar cover, picks, stand, tuner, etc.
  • This can end up with a customer buying some more items.
  • Respond to Everyone
  • This will help you become a trustworthy and reliable option for customers to shop in.
  • Increasing your customer base and making the connection strong between the present customers are the major functions of the conversation you have with your customers.
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Ecom Elites Reviews: The Ultimate Dropshipping Course Online

Confessions of a Non-Profit IT Director - July 18, 2019 - 3:01pm

Have ever played a video on YouTube and a person promoting their business course appeared as a commercial? We all did. There are so many courses trying to convince you to give them money and learn how to become an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Some of them are really good, but they are all a copy what a long time ago established Franklin Hatchett. The program called Ecom Elites is probably the first course that was teaching people how to become successful on the internet by selling on the web pages meant for this.

The course is still active and it is still one of the best out there. In this article, we’ll make an eCOM Elites course review and we’ll tell you how to make the best of it.

How does the program work?

The first thing you should do when you log in is to choose which one of the two options you prefer. The first one is more affordable and the second one is more expensive but it includes lessons in handling some situations that you’ll find very useful in your work such as sales funnels, social network ads, etc.

When you start with it, you’ll learn how to set up your own store on Spotify which is the number one place for creating small online businesses. Then, you’ll learn how to find, pick, and sell products on your store using third party sources. Like the AliExpress web page which is one of the biggest e-commerce pages in the entire world.

In the more expensive but also full of useful information Ultimate package that this program offers, there will be a clear explanation of how to use social media ads and what is needed to make the best of them. Social media today is the key to online business success. However, followers and money don’t just fall off the sky, you need to know how and when to act.

Facebooks ads

With almost 2.4 billion users, Facebook is the mother of all social networks. It is so big that the US court rules a $5 billion sentence to it for not following some governmental rules. Almost everyone you know exists virtually on this platform.

That’s why Facebook ads are so important. The course teaches you how to set a proper ad and make sure you target it well. Some people think that all you have to do is give them money to Facebook and they’ll do the job for you, but it’s not like that. You need to know what you’re doing, or else, your money will be lost in the great ocean of people who are not interested in your business.

Instagram ads

If you use Insta you probably saw that more often than not a commercial about some product appears in your feed. Depending on the products you’ll decide to sell, Instagram can be of enormous help.

This program will guide you to understand how things roll on this social network. Even though Instagram is way smaller in numbers than Facebook, it’s still more important in some sections – like beauty products, training gear, and similar.

The Instagram influencers are a huge deal here. Learn how to communicate with them and learn which influencers are best for some of your products. They can be more useful than a simple InstaAd.

Google Ads

This is the place where big players go. Google is everywhere, literally, and they charge for this fact. If you’re handling a good budget you should consider this option too. However, just like we said for the previous examples, you need to know how to invest your money properly.

Even though Google never used to be a place where dropshipping had their way around, today it is one of the most important platforms to invest in order to get more clients to your internet space. This, of course, will get you more customers. Learn more about Google Ads here.


Everyone on the internet is trying to earn some money. Some want to learn how to do it and those who think they have what it takes to teach you how to do it. Be smart in choosing who you’re going to trust to. Learn only from the best if you want to be successful.

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