Co-op to Offer Alternatives for Aging in Place

After several months of research and community engagement, they’re considering a pilot program to showcase the innovative new model. “New model” because what Luhnau and Wilkat have proposed to the community might be a game-changer, but is (not surprisingly) as complex as the social problem it aims to address.

There’s a member services offering which includes things like home cleaning, repairs, grocery delivery, doctor house calls, and outings. But also a renovation component to both suite and ‘seniorize’ a member’s single family dwelling. Creating a secondary suite could be an income source, and adding senior-friendly features like a higher toilet, levered door handles, and even swapping out a bathtub for a sit down shower would improve the functionality of homeowner’s living quarters.

Acting as project stewards, meaning one home, one renovation, one member at a time, the co-op’s administrative team would coordinate the process, end-to-end. Helping the member secure a loan if needed for the renovation, from a bank or through an investment co-operative. Taking on the role of property manager in screening tenants, collecting rent payments, and making repairs.

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