Community Healing and Leadership Training

Seminar with Bill Say, M.A.

Wildcat Studio, Berkeley
September 27-28

*Build community & relationship capacity
*Clarify your main goal(s) as a leader
*Gain diversity awareness
*Learn how to resolve & facilitate conflicts
*Process world and social issues using Mindell Worldwork

Community can be our greatest pathway to transformation, catalyzing individual and collective growth and development. In this training, inclusion is a main goal. Inclusivity is a process that forges the individual and group’s ability to hold diversity, resolve differences and conflicts, and co-create deeper levels of democracy.

You'll learn helpful concepts regarding relationships, community and diversity; obtain awareness tools to relate and lead more effectively; and grow your capacities by "sitting in the fire" of conflict and community!

Process Work, developed by Amy and Arny Mindell, is the foundation for this training. Process Work has its roots in psychology, physics, spirituality, and systems theory. It is an approach that embraces Deep Democracy, the philosophy and practice that includes all people, perspectives, feelings, and mindstates as important.

Bill Say, M.A., is the founder and director of the Community Healing & Leadership Training, an affiliate organizational consultant for Olive Grove Consulting (, a former faculty member of JFK and Naropa universities and an instructor at SEEDS Community Resolution Center and the UC Berkeley Extension School of Business. Bill is a Process Work Diplomate ( and has conducted a private practice of body/mind/relationship therapy since 1989. As a seminar leader and trainer for over twenty years, Bill has taught awareness-based personal and leadership development, relationship and community building in China, India, Korea, UK, Palestine, and at Esalen and Naropa institutes. He has consulted to UN refugee health organizations overseas. His website is:

Time: September 27-28, 10-5pm
Fee: $180; limited work scholarships available!
Location: Wildcat Studio 2525 Eighth St. Berkeley
Info and registration: 510-548-8703 +


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