In a victory for new economy advocates, the New York City Council passed a budget last week that will create a $1.2 million fund for the growth of worker-owned cooperative businesses.

[C]an cooperatively-owned bookshops play their part in reversing the decline in bookshop culture? "Yes they can," says Ed Mayo, secretary general of coops member organisation Co-operatives UK. "As more people see how the cooperative option can save what is important to them, the number of cooperative bookshops will accelerate," he says...

COPAC has been engaged in building cooperatives and promoting alternative models of local development for over ten years. This guide is a result of these years of grassroots practice and learning.

In mid-April, people across the United States struggle to fill out their federal income tax returns. This shared calamity has created something of an inverted holiday season — with grumbling about paperwork and frustration towards government bureaucracy replacing the “peace on earth, goodwill to men” of the Yuletide.

Forget Whole Foods, food cooperatives are the new in place to pick up your weekly groceries. Here in the city they’ve been embraced by a dedicated circle of enthusiasts who gladly work their monthly shifts in exchange for food that’s healthy, organic, sustainable, locally grown, and ethically manufactured. However, while their missions are all the same they’re not all made the same.

When we first imagined this project, we assumed we would find models and templates.  Surprisingly, we were unable to find small companies that are currently measuring their company carbon footprint (we still think they must be out there; we just haven’t found them yet).   So we developed a methodology, gathered the data, and produced the first phase of our carbon footprint assessment.

If you have been involved in the communities movement for a while, you’ve probably heard of local currencies and you might even talk positively about how they help support local businesses and local trade. However, when it comes to providing specific benefits to local businesses that can actually be measured, you probably don’t have much tangible proof to back up these claims.

Hundreds gathered in front of the Nissan plant in Canton Friday afternoon, rallying for worker's rights.  Students, Nissan employees and representatives with United Auto Workers held a protest over what they say is the company's anti-Union stance.  


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