In today’s episode (10) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m speaking with Ysanet Batista, plant-based chef and the founder of New York City based WOKE FOODS, a woman owned food service cooperate. We talk about food rights, food access and plant-based living in inner city New York.

[The interview starts around 8:20]

Entrevistamos en a dos extremeñas líderes en cooperativas sociales, activas y comprometidas con su territorio. ¿Quiénes son Marta Lozano y María Antonia Arroyo?

The creator of Kwanzaa, Dr. Maulana Karenga explains the seven principles of Kwanzaa and the reasons for the holiday. 


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Davis is in Yolo County, which had a 2017 area median income of $76,900 for a four-person household. Using the 30% of-income affordability standard, a median-income family of four living in an average market-rate apartment in Davis is paying $5,592 per year more than they can afford.

“I couldn’t be happier living and baking in this city. The business is stable. I‘m more stable.”

Things weren’t quite so clear for Ryan when he moved here from Minneapolis in 1999.

“I moved for a relationship and had three of the worst jobs I had in my life. I almost moved back,” he said.

He recalled bounced paychecks and other indignities served up to him in the local food trade.

NCBA CLUSA is deeply saddened to confirm that 18 of its project staff members, and three others, totaling 21 people, have died as a result of yesterday’s bus accident in Uganda.

What does it take for cooperatives to take hold in the economy? Principle six of the seven international cooperative principles is “cooperation among cooperatives,” but this can be easier said than done. In this show, we hear from Howard Brodsky, co-CEO and founder of CCA Global Partners, a large purchasing cooperative, and founder of Cooperatives for a Better World.


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