With a broader understanding of the solidarity economy in Brazil in mind, testimonials from participating entrepreneurs themselves show the real advantages of this kind of work, from circumventing market exclusion to creating new kinds of spaces where women are reimagining the divide between domestic and productive spheres.

The  collected  volume  edited  by  Peter  Utting  with  chapters  by  Suzanne  Bergeron,  Stephen  Healy,  Carina  Millstone,  Bénédicte  Fonteneau,  Georgina  Gómez,  Marguerite  Mendell,  Paul Nelson,  John-Justin  McMurtry,  Cecilia  Rossel,  Abhijit  Ghosh,  Ananya  Mukherjee-Reed,  Jean-Louis  Laville,  Justine  Nannyonjo,  Bina  Agarwal,  Béatrice  Alain,  Cristina  Grasseni,  Francesca  Forno, Silvana Signori, Darryl Reed, Roldan Muradian, José Luis Coraggio and Milford Bateman critically  analyses  the  vast  and  diversified  field  of  action  of  the  social  and  s

Watch 'Reimagine work', an inspiring story about an artisan bakery and workers co-op from Leeds.

Leeds Bread Co-op has been working with The Hive to put its expansion plans in place so it can extend the number of customers and grow the number of employees.

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