Various commentaries on #Occupy Wall St

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 Below are teasers and inks to a collection of commentaries that I have read. I am making no evaluations or promoting any particular interpretation of wht is happening. I will say that #Occupy Wall St seems to have the mainstream media as confused as Dylan had them in his early years. The event just doesn't fit most of the categories--right, middle, left--that we are used to using to make sense of public evnets.



"This is Just Practice"-The Story of the Wall Street Occupation
There's a lot of misinformation about the occupation of Wall Street. What's it really about?
Eric Schneiderman

Michael Moore on Support of Occupy Wall Street
Tuesday 27 September 2011
by: Keith Olbermann, Countdown With Keith Olbermann | Video

Occupy Wall Street | Interview with Chris Hedges

13 Ways To Look at The Occupation of Wall Street

Protests Work Better with Specific Demands
Matthew Yglesias

The debate at Occupy Wall Street: To what end?

Occupy Wall Street Day 12 - Poised to Take Off
Friday 30 September 2011
by: Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future


The Best Among Us
Friday 30 September 2011
by: Chris Hedges, Truthdig

Five Ways #OccupyWallStreet Has Succeeded
Mark Engler

Reflections on Wall Street
Note: This is a blend of description, analysis, reactions and personal reflections. I am not an organizer or any person of responsibility within the Occupation, I am simply a participant who has been to the Plaza a bunch of times. I have attended General Assemblies, listened to speakers, engaged in conversations, and gone on marches.


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