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Victims of labor trafficking are finding new dignity and safety in their work - through Damayan Cleaning Cooperative. The first Filipina migrant worker-owned cooperative in the US recently opened in New York. [For more about Damayan Cleaning Cooperative, see the article Filipina Trafficking Survivors Launch a Co-op -ed.]

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WAGES is being used as a model by Mexican and Central American immigrants to create their own jobs. Minsun Ji, El Centro Humanitario's executive director in Denver, CO, said when they contacted WAGES to be able to adapt the WAGES strategy locally: "We were so desperate. There were no jobs. We were really, really desperate."

David Roach is doing incredibly important work in Oakland with Mo' Better Food, schools, intergenerational learning, farmer's markets, and other things.  He was our incredible improvisational tour guide of Oakland.

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