Cooperative Lessons from "The City of Brotherly Love"
by SolidarityNYC
Nov 23
Ed Whitfield, Emily Kawano, Maya Schenwar and Gar Alperovitz on Building a New Economy
Nov 20
Remembering Activist and Spiritual Warrior Grace Lee Boggs
by Gloria Lowe
Nov 17
Fighting Fire with Fire?
by Matthew Slater
Nov 16
Over $150,000 Raised for Worker Co-ops
by Jessie Myszka
Nov 2

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#SolidarityCities: Philadelphia
Cooperative Lessons from "The City of Brotherly Love"
November 23
The Next System Project at Left Forum 2015
Ed Whitfield, Emily Kawano, Maya Schenwar and Gar Alperovitz on Building a New Economy
November 20
Farewell Grace
Remembering Activist and Spiritual Warrior Grace Lee Boggs
Gloria Lowe
November 17
Death Star Platforms
Fighting Fire with Fire?
Matthew Slater
November 16
Crowdfunding Worker Co-ops: 15 Examples
Over $150,000 Raised for Worker Co-ops
Jessie Myszka
November 2
The International Meeting on “The Worker Economy”
A space for debate on self-management
Andrés Ruggeri
October 29
The 10 Commandments of Peer Production and Commons Economics
Rules for Value Creation that is Free, Fair and Sustainable
Michel Bauwens
October 27
Make Shift Boston Puts People Over Profit
A Coworking Space for Activists and Organizers is Flourishing
Cat Johnson
October 19
The Benefits of Localism
An interview with Michael Shuman
October 15
Mutual Aid Networks and Local Solidarity
An Interview with Stephanie Rearick
October 5
Evolution of the US Solidarity Economy
Laura Flanders on the Rising Visibility of Cooperative Economics
Transnational Institute
October 2
2 New Ebooks from Las Indias
The Book of Community & The P2P Mode of Production
Las Indias
September 29
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Nov 23 My experience at the Platform Cooperativism summit was Wow, everyone here really gets it and so many are doing awesome things; and then Hmm, there...
Nov 20 [full screen] Go to the GEO front page
Nov 20 In a wide-ranging discussion, Ralph talks community and worker ownership of businesses and the decision to use the atomic bomb with distinguished...
Nov 19 When I arrived in the main auditorium the first day, it was packed, clearly beyond the organizers’ wildest expectations for attendance, and the...
Nov 19 The first Bottom Lines Business Summit is over.  It will not be the last.  It was a peak moment after several years of work with two friends and...
Nov 17 Under scrutiny, Durham Co-op withdrawing referendum on worker shares, governanceFaced with a public backlash over a change to the Durham Co-op...
Nov 16 A good example of how co-operatives can make a difference in people’s lives comes with the use of the social co-operative model in prison systems...
Nov 16 As a result of the legal battle waged against the workers of the occupied self-managed VIOME factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, the state-appointed...
Nov 14 Cooperatives have been put to good use by refugees and host communities at different stages of intervention from the start of the crisis to...
Nov 14 Since it opened in March, the Durham Co-op has come to symbolize the ideals of democracy, egalitarianism and fair trade. Owned by its members—people...