4 ways to address issues with racial dynamics

We've talked before about racial dynamics in the planning and organizing stages as well as in dialogues and facilitation. To round off the posts, we'll give you examples of racial dynamics to watch out for when working on action:

Scenario 1: White people are often recruited to lead action groups. While people of color may be invited to participate, they are more “for show.” Old habits and behaviors continue, and whites stay in the lead.

Possible solution:  Start with an intentional plan to create co-leaders/chairs that are racially/ethnically diverse.  Make a special effort to reach out to different individuals, especially young people who could build their leadership skills working alongside an older person.  However, ensure that duties and responsibilities are matched to skills set.  Don’t always make the younger person a note –taker.  Offer training to help build the skills of your action group members.

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