Monsters Come Howling in Their Season

[Editor's note: GEO member Cadwell Turnbull has written before about the need to incorporate cooperatives and collective action into fiction and drama. in this short story, recently published in The Verge, Cadwell does just that.]

It shouldn’t be surprising that the places most ravaged by climate change are the places where the cooperative commonwealth has been most realized. St. Thomas is one of those places, due in part to the grassroots consensus politics, direct democracy, and cooperative institutions that make up any good solidarity economy, but also plain necessity. Worker cooperatives line St. Thomas’ Main Street. Housing cooperatives dot the hillsides of Solberg, Northside, and Bordeaux. Most of the island’s grocery stores are multi-stakeholder cooperatives that have strong relationships with local farmers. St. Thomas’ many industries are part of regional federations, engaged in worker exchange programs, skill-sharing, and other forms of worker solidarity.

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