What Happened to EnergyBulliten.net?

In 2006, the website started receiving funding from the Post Carbon Institute, a US-based nonprofit initiated by Julian Darley and others that worked on similar issues. In January 2008, the Post Carbon Institute announced that it was formally adopting EnergyBulletin.net as part of its core programs. 

According to Post Carbon Institute executive director Asher Miller the decision to bring EnergyBulletin into the institute’s fold was an acknowledgment of the important role it played. He said: “EnergyBulletin.net has served a vital role for the growing community of professionals and concerned citizens seeking high-quality news and opinion about the peak of global energy supplies” (Source). 

On January 1, 2013, the website started redirecting to Resilience.org. However, sometime in August 2018, the redirect stopped.

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